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FORCE CENTER is offering rental packages to defense manufacturers, retailers, tactical trainers and any other type of company who’s services may interact well with the facility. The training center, branded FORCE CENTER, formerly served as the location of the Hendry Correctional Institute Complex. The 1200-acre center has since been converted to a state-of-the-art shooting and training complex that offers various structures and property available for a variety of scenarios including active shooter response, cell extractions, shoot houses, and 360 ranges and more.

FORCE CENTER has newly renovated office spaces (with brand new T1 lines) located at its Headquarters available for other training companies, defense manufactures & retailers to rent, and also have various levels of access to the rest of the property and its extensive offerings.

“We want to have a shooting & training complex with harmonious companies who are able to call this place their base of operations as well” said Ryan Hillaker, Business Development Manager of FORCE CENTER. “We are here to not only provide the best in class facility but one that that breeds a strong community of like-minded individuals who care about training and wish to sharpen their skills across the board.”

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