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FORCE Features a full industrial kitchen and industrial grade cafeteria that use to serve over 3000 meals per day. At just over 5,000 sqft, this makes a great kitchen to serve/prepare meals or as a training scenario.


Formerly the primary chapel for the prison, it offers over 5500 sqft of training space. Pews, baptismal pool, office and admin areas are still fully operational and offer a truly authentic first responder training space.

Convenience Store

The food service building has over 15,000 sqft of space to use for any type of dynamic training scenario.

Office Building's

FORCE has well over 10k square feet of industrial office spaces for military, LE, and armed professionals to train in.


10,000+k sqft of educational, school type scenarios that offers a multitude of configurable scenarios to train in.

Single Family Home

A 2500 sqft single family home setup like most homes in the area for an authentic training area for police, fire, and tactical training scenarios.

The Theatre/Multi Purpose room has a wide open area just over 4200 sqft. It can be configured to have pads placed on the floor to host hand to hand combatives training. Power and A/C is functional.

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